The Wickedness of Big Business Once Again

Even in the age of computer science and Internet, old laws of capitalism have not changed significantly. The greed for power and profits remains the same under digital technologies, too. For example, almost omnipresent Google has turned into a behemoth of the company. Its search capabilities are nearly unsurpassed. Its YouTube has become an ocean of uploaded videos. Its Gmail routinely processes billions of letters. Hundreds of millions consumers around the world have used Google’s services. At first glance, it seems that such impressive success is a sign of high-quality products. Of course, the company employs many professionals, armed with state-of-the-art technologies. However, their goals sometimes are not benevolent ones. Well, the majority of general audience have heard about Google’s dark secrets, disclosed by whistleblowers like Edward Snowden. Nevertheless, I want to tell you about some subtleties, which have made Google suspicious for me. I discontinued browsing with Chrome, when I discovered that its notifications’ bell in my system tray is irremovable. Definitely, one dislikes, when they burden him with unwanted, dubious features. I also dislike moderating policy at YouTube, where they can delete even public-domain videos. In addition, I disapprove the absence of freely available contact information about Google. A decent company does not have to hide itself behind online fill-in forms.


In the complex landscape of modern E-business, not only Google-like giants are notorious for their high-handedness. A registrar monster, GoDaddy, has also caused numerous critical reviews. Its inattentiveness towards customers, mediocre technical support are widely known due to its leading status on the market. Once again, the dominant position of GoDaddy has made it reluctant to improve its services and products. It is a sheer nightmare as a hosting company and email provider. Expensive, low-quality site builders and email clients, furnished by this company, are total failures as technological products. True, the company had had a relatively decent blogging platform, Quick Blog Cast Deluxe. I especially appreciated its simple and practical stats, which provided essential information about the number of Likes and Dislikes, videos downloaded, etc. Now, they has cancelled this reliable product to transfer its users onto WordPress platform with its sketchy stats. Even, the industry-leading Google Analytics are not as useful for me as Quick Blog Cast Deluxe. So, my advice to you, fellas: minimize the interaction with the aforementioned companies! Boycott them, whenever it is possible. Use alternative providers and search engines to improve your online security and enhance your browsing experience.

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