The World’s Most Inaccurate Clock

Today, high technologies make it possible to measure time with an utmost accuracy. Even household timepieces can do it quite satisfactorily. However, in this case an electronic clock loses time rather indecently. Situated in a prestigious district of Almaty, Kazakhstan, the clock is some 22 minutes slow! This is an unforgivable inaccuracy for an electronic device.  Perhaps, the deplorable lag has been due to the lack of time synchronization with Internet or other sources of precise timekeeping. To make the things worse, the clock bears the logo of the Almaty Winter Universiade 2017 — an international sports event. Not a good publicity idea, I should say.

A street clock substantially lags behind precise time.

You may reasonably ask me, why I have provided a screen-shot of mediocre quality. The point is that I shot the timepiece with my phone-camera at the double: I was running long distance up a mountainous terrain. Thus, some 7 mile race was hardly conducive to artistic photography. I hope that foreign tourists with state-of-the-art cameras would provide you with better pictures of this bizarre clock. The picturesque Dostyk Avenue just below the Luxor Wellness Club, wherein the timepiece is situated, is popular with visitors. So, there is an earthly chance of a more detailed report on the topic. For the time being, let us be content with this sketchy account.

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