A Bunch of Perverts

Amateur boxing rightfully boasts of legendary names, glorious traditions. One should mention such superstar, as a Cuban pugilist hero Teofilo Stevenson. The AIBA, the world’s governing body for amateur boxing, has lost much of its prestige within the last twenty-five years, when Asian embezzlers have ruled it. An Uzbek drug lord, Gofur Rakhimov, is one of the evil figures, who has contributed a lot in bringing together the sweet science and organized crime. President Putin’s chief bodyguard, Evgeny Murov, also enjoys an immense influence within the AIBA. You see, representatives of the West have very limited capabilities in amateur boxing management. American Dr. Charles Butler, one of its nominal executives, is a butler indeed, comparing with the aforementioned Mafiosi.

Former PR manager of AIBA, Sebastien Gillot, has taught his son to hail Satan.
Former PR manager of AIBA, Sebastien Gillot, has taught his son to hail Satan.

Feminine scoring system of amateur boxing resembles that of rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming. There are persistent rumors that the AIBA Executive Director Ho Kim is a sodomite. I hope that it is not true, and this gossip has nothing to do with the feminine scoring system. However, let me present you an established fact. Many Kazakh boxing officials, who have regularly patronized a VIP section of sporting events, belong to the underworld. For example, Musslim Dairbekov and Amalbek Tshanov are old jailbirds, who served real prison terms in the Soviet Union. They pose a certain threat to public safety, if you allow them to be among honored guests. This is another instance of poor security performance by today’s leaders of amateur boxing.

Lina Garagul, AIBA's call girl in Kazakhstan, also extends the satanic greeting.
Lina Garagul, AIBA’s call girl in Kazakhstan, also extends the satanic greeting.

European and USA leaders have shown a certain degree of political weakness in bloody Syrian and Ukrainian conflicts. They also have proved to be inept players in global sports management. Recently, President Putin’s puppet, a Kalmyk entrepreneur Kirssan Ilyumzninov, reelected as the President of the FIDE (World Chess Federation). This is another insult to the already tarnished reputation of Western sports officials. Something needs to change in the mismanaged conduct of the West in the global athletic arena.

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