Airport as an Actor

Soviet movies were often shot only inside the USSR, even if their plotlines were concerned with exotic places or sci-fi stories. Therefore, some landmarks were used many times to provide an appropriate background for cinematography. One of the most notable cases of that kind was an international airport Sheremetyevo-2, completed in 1980 prior to the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow. Now, it is a Terminal F of Sheremetyevo International Airport. Many Soviet photoplays had their scenes set at this renowned place of civil aviation. Let’s review several examples of the airport’s participation in filmmaking.

Sci-fi epic Per Aspera ad Astra («Через тернии к звёздам», directed by Richard Viktorov, produced by Gorki Film Studios, 1981) contains a scene, where its protagonists have made preparations to fly to a distant planet. Spy miniseries TASS is Authorized to Declare… («ТАСС уполномочен заявить…», directed by Vladimir Fokin, produced by Gorki Film Studios, 1984) show an African airport, where two Soviet agents have been in search of their acquaintance, possessing valuable information. Sci-fi miniseries Guest from the Future («Гостья из будущего», directed by Pavel Arsenov, produced by Gorki Film Studios, 1985) contains a scene, where its protagonist has visited a space port.

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