Spare a Living Thing

Animal rights have been vigorously defended by movie-makers. Perhaps, they have made too much fuss about it. But, sometimes gracious and noble animals really inspire us with their tender nature. For example, experienced hunters spared deers in several movies. Let us review these peculiar instances of kind attitude towards living things.

Soviet TV Mini-Series Omega Option (“Вариант “Омега”, directed by Antonis Vogiazos, produced by Studio Ekran, 1975) has a scene, where a Nazi spy, Baron Georg von Schlosser has spared a deer on hunting. Soviet fantasy epic Legend of Siavush (“Сказание о Сиявуше”, directed by Boris Kimyagarov, produced by Tajikfilm Studios, 1977), based on Ferdowsi’s monumental poem  Shahnameh, has the thrilling beginning, when numerous hunters have failed to shoot a doe, who turns into a pretty girl. War drama The Deer Hunter (directed by Michael Cimino, produced by EMI Films, 1978) vividly shows a war criminal, who has spared a deer on hunting.

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