Broken Bottle as a Weapon

Tough guys try to use anything to carry out their willful agenda. One of the best-known makeshift weapons is a broken bottle. There is a few slang words for it: «nigger knife», «tulip», etc. Russians call a criminally used broken bottle «розочка», which means «rosette» in English. Therefore, creators of moving pictures quite often have put a broken bottle into the hands of their strong characters. Let us review some examples of movie heroes, threatening their opponents with broken bottles.

War classic From Here to Eternity (directed by Fred Zinnemann, produced by Columbia Pictures Corporation, 1953) contains a scene, where a resolute protagonist with a broken bottle forces a villain to drop his knife. Soviet detective story Two Tickets for a Daytime Picture Show («Два билета на дневной сеанс», directed by Gerbert Rappaport, produced by Lenfilm Studios, 1966) has a thrilling moment, when an undercover agent cold-bloodedly confronts a thief armed with a broken bottle. Soviet detective story The Favorite («Фаворит», directed by Vasile Brescanu, produced by Moldova Film Studios, 1976), based on a novel by Dick Francis Dead Cert, contains a scene at a bar, where a hoodlum threatens a protagonist with a broken bottle. Luckily, these cinematographic adventures have not ended with fatalities.

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