Women on Board!

Among seafaring superstitions, there was definite opposition to feminine presence on board of a ship. Women were believed to bring bad luck to mariners by distracting them from their noble duties. Of course, in those ancient times weak females were irrelevant under harsh conditions of navigation. Now, things changed. However, the old superstitions persist. No wonder that modern flicks have scenes, using a playful topic of female presence on board of a ship.

Soviet war drama Optimistic TragedyОптимистическая трагедия», directed by Samson Samsonov, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1963) shows anarchist sailors, who have initially unfriendly met a female Communist commander, sent to lead them during the Russian Civil War. Soviet musical movie The Shipwreck Island Остров погибших кораблей», directed by Evgeniy Ginzburg and Rauf Mamedov, produced by Lenfilm Studios, 1987) demonstrates how inhabitants of a pirate’s island have greeted cheerfully a female time traveller from our epoch. Action film Under Siege (directed by Andrew Davis, produced by Warner Bros. Studios, 1992) has U.S. sailors, enthusiastically greeting a female model arriving at their ship among terrorists, disguised as entertainers.

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