Corruption: Where East Meets West

The deep crisis in Ukraine has proved once again that bribery of the highest order still determines the course of action in the world politics. When in 2007 corrupted officials of the International Olympic Committee voted for Russia’s Sochi as the venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics, they knew perfectly well that the city was one of the most inappropriate places to hold international events. Located in a troubled region of Caucasus, Sochi has been the worst choice ever to endorse. As a sign of gratitude, the next year Russia invaded a peaceful nation of Georgia, which borders upon the ill-selected Olympic venue. Of course, boycotting of the aggressor was out of the question! High-ranking grafters spent too many efforts to carry out their corrupted agenda. Too much cash was involved. There is no limit to avarice. Now, the FIFA’s «charitable» members decided to grant Russia yet another grand-scale tournament — the Football World Cup 2018. The rogue state reacted accordingly by sponsoring its terrorists, wreaking havoc on the Ukrainian soil in 2014. Greedy sports officials do not see any problem this time, too. However, they are truly small potatoes, comparing with schemers in high places.

A nuclear explosion in the form of a human skull.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, peaceful republics of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine found themselves in the possession of nuclear weapons. It was an excellent opportunity to create security zone around Russia by letting these newly formed states to rightfully own and operate atomic bombs in the name of global peace. Nevertheless, pro-Russian rulers of the West decided otherwise. In collusion with their counterparts in the Kremlin, they exerted an enormous pressure on Belarus, Kazakh, and Ukrainian leadership to dispossess them of these defensive weapons in favor of Mother Russia. As a result, vast regions of Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, and Central Asia left defenseless before aggressive Muscovites. On the other hand, belligerent India, Israel, North Korea, and Pakistan acquired atomic bombs without a hitch. Why is it so? Because, these new members of the nuclear club have had quite long time of independent existence to form their corrupted elites to bribe the West. Meanwhile, at the beginning of nineties the newly independent states simply had not financial resources and political power to grease western leadership.

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