Struggle Against Police State

Our hearts and good wishes go with brave participants of the Ferguson riot. The democracy-seeking men and women have fought boldly against the ruling classes of America, who still promote their racist and capitalist agenda. Progressive political forces must transform USA into a democratic society without police brutality and racial discrimination. It is quite inspiring that ordinary people of the small town have organized themselves into a formidable unit, struggling against the mighty capitalist establishment. This riot sheds a light of hope upon oppressed classes around the world. Only real actions can change the grim situation, concerning human rights and fair distribution of income. Luckily, the protest has been so convincingly fierce that even mainstream media could not pass it over in silence. However, from time to time venal journalists cover up hideous crimes against innocent men and women. Thus, the biased reporters act in favor of corrupted police officers and judges. Lazy Kazakh officials are also partially responsible for the maltreatment of their compatriots.

"Too Many Cops Too Little Justice". Photo by Nevada Cop Block.

For example, two citizens of Kazakhstan were killed with impunity in USA in 2011 alone. Police officer Stephen Rankin shot a migrant Kirill Denyakin with eleven bullets. Compare this gruesome fact with just six bullets, fired into a violent Michael Brown of Ferguson. True, the Kazakh migrant was drunk and banged a glass door loudly. He reportedly stalked after a girl, named Violetta. Nevertheless, is it such a grave offense to be treated like a mad dog? Mainstream U.S. media ignored this horrible event. No pressure group was behind the efforts of Kirill’s relatives to punish the murderer. As a result, a jury acquitted the guilty officer. Another blood-curdling instance is the case of a Kazakh student Ainur Akhmetova, found unconscious beside a swimming pool. She died eventually. There was a strong indication of foul play. However, once again leading American journalists have been too uninterested to cover the case. Kazakh capitalist sharks and arrogant bureaucrats also have been indifferent to fatal developments, regarding their doomed compatriots.

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