Cracking a Whip

Sometimes, adventure flicks have featured scenes, where robust characters skilfully snap a whip. Thus, they artfully present us with impressive visual and sound performance. Yes, movie-makers have quite rightfully chosen a powerful symbol of energetic protagonist or antagonist, who masterfully wields a whip. Let us review several examples of the kind.

Action adventure film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doomreleased in 1984, has had a dramatic scene, where the iconic movie hero actually strangles a thug with a whip. Then, the Harrison Ford’s character indulges in black humor, telling his companion: “Shorty, turn off the switch“. Superhero movie Batman Returns, released in 1992, has had a scene, where a formidable Catwoman wreaks havoc at a department store. Then, two security guards appear. The Michelle Pfeiffer’s sensual character and one of the guards have a saucy dialogue:

Catwoman: You poor guys. Always confusing your pistols with your privates. Security #2: Don’t hurt us, lady. Our take-home’s less than three-hundred. Catwoman: You’re overpaid. Hit the road.

Russian comedy Peculiarities of the National Hunt, released in 1995, has featured a flashback to the history of the old Russia, where an artful highlander skilfully splits apples apart with his whip.

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