In the Name of a Child…

Violence on a silver screen has been widespread since the very beginning of the cinema itself. Perhaps, blood-curdling moments of gangster, action or political movies have aroused cruel instincts of our ancestors. So, we might be subconsciously attracted to gory scenes of photoplays. But, even down-to-earth, at times brutal filmmakers have often displayed a veneration before a helpless child. So, their flicks have had thrilling moments, where hardened criminals themselves become quite sentimental over  little ones.

A Soviet-Cuban war drama, I am Cuba, released in 1964, a rebellious student couldn’t pull the trigger to gun down a police chief, when the student has seen the culprit, surrounded by his wife and children. A crime drama, Scarface, released in 1983, has had a scene where a Cuban drug lord couldn’t detonate a bomb to assassinate a Latino politician along with his children. Instead, the gangster kills his cold-blooded accomplice, who didn’t share such a sympathy for the little ones. A Soviet war epic, Come and See, released in 1985, has had a Belorussian teenage guerrilla fighter, who couldn’t shoot a portrait of the baby Hitler pictured with his mother.

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