Cybercrime Without Frontiers

Given today’s global scope of Internet industry, one should not wonder that illegal activities in this field are also well-developed. I am not going to tell you some far-fetched stories of dubious nature. Just a few minor cases, which I have witnessed or, rather, experienced myself.

A Microsoft security alert.

As many users, I prefer to have simple, easy-to-remember email addresses. Since it is quite difficult to obtain such addresses from big email providers, like Gmail, one naturally goes to smaller providers. At least twice I have lost my email addresses in this way. I have not forgot their password or login details. These unreliable companies simply stopped to provide me with email services, effectively destroying my mailboxes. The first one was an Ukrainian company, where I set up an email address — [email protected] One unlucky day, circa 2018 or so, I discovered that I cannot log in that mailbox. At the beginning of 2021, I lost another mailbox — [email protected], provided by an Icelandic company. History repeated itself: my Nordic mailbox simply went up in flames without any prior warning whatsoever.

So, using email services of smaller companies pose considerable risks to long-term reliability. On the other hand, bigger companies tend to violate your privacy. For example, on February 1, 2021 I made a phone call through Skype to an Ukrainian landline number. Several minutes after its completion my Microsoft account was suspended due to suspicious activities. Well, the phone call to Ukraine is a rather dubious activity, you know. It had been quite humiliating to follow instructions to verify my identity, therefore I preferred to wait one month for the account to be restored. Once again, I didn’t forget my password or login details, but the nosey Microsoft utilizes every pretext to make us feel its nearly monopolistic power.

Once upon a time, Skype was a decent service with affordable prices. But, today it is a profit-making vehicle for greedy Microsoft guys. For instance, its connection fees affect your plan even if you don’t actually go through with your call. I think, it is better to use some middle-sized email providers, like Protonmail or, than to risk your content with smaller companies or get exposed to the Big Brother’s inquisitive practices.

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