Money Burning at its Maximum

For centuries, human beings throughout the world have revered cash and other valuable notes. To many of us, even the small sum of money presents considerable importance. Therefore, when huge amounts of dough literally burn off in some photoplays, it impresses the audience significantly. Here, we recapitulate memorable examples of money burning on silver screen.

Heist film Ocean’s Eleven (directed by Lewis Milestone, produced by Warner Bros., 1960) has an unhappy end, when doomed robbers have learnt that their loot, cremated along with the body of their accomplice. Another masterpiece of detective genre, Honor Among Thieves Adieu l’Ami», directed by Jean Herman, produced by Greenwich Film Productions, 1968), shows two locked-up burglars, who have burnt securities in a strong room. Action adventure movie Cliffhanger (directed by Renny Harlin, produced by TriStar Pictures, 1993) graphically demonstrates how a protagonist with his girlfriend has built a fire, worth millions of dollars.   

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