Cupboard Adventures

From time to time, even a piece of furniture can contribute to developments, taking place in a photoplay. Usually, moviemakers creatively employ such household items in a humorous way. You know, audience should be entertained. Lockers, shelves and other readily available domestic objects present a nice opportunity to provoke laughter. Let us examine certain instances of amusing moments, when film actors comically make use of furniture items.

Soviet detective story The Sleuth («Сыщик», directed by Vladimir Fokin, produced by Gorky Film Studios, 1980) contains a scene, where a clumsy admirer has brought about disorder in his girlfriend’s room. Political kitsch The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!  (directed by David Zucker, produced by Paramount Pictures, 1988) vividly demonstrates how its protagonist has broken through movable articles. Hilarious comedy Home Alone (directed by Chris Columbus, produced by 20th Century Fox, 1990) compassionately shows, what has literally befell upon a child left behind by selfish relatives.

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