Naked Children Fool Around

There is nothing wrong with children’s nudity. But, hypocrite standards of modern arts and humanities generally discourage visual nakedness of minors in movies and media alike. Hopefully, there are numerous examples of such natural beauty in artworks of the past.  Let’s review some cinematographic children, who show off their pristine nudity.

A French-Japanese adult movie In the Realm of the Senses, 1976, contains a scene, where a fully-dressed young woman plays around with a naked boy and a nude little girl. A Soviet-Polish fantasy film

To my mind, the Asian film makers used the playful children’s scenes in order to achieve both critical and commercial success. Because, a considerable number of Western critics and producers alike prefer controversial movies, especially when the feature films in question being released by coloured folks. As for the joint Soviet-Polish production, its innocent nudity of boys doesn’t seem to convey some hidden message.

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