Naked Teenage Girls

Today, hypocrite filmmakers would hardly shoot the beauty of a teenage girl’s naked body for general-audience photoplays. The natural splendor of young lady in her nudeness is under some kind of taboo for modern pop-culture. However, not so long ago film directors sometimes made wonderful scenes, where virgin prettiness was celebrated artistically. Let us review several examples of these exquisitely attractive moments.

Lithuanian romantic movie Paskutinė atostogų diena (The Last Day of Summer Holiday, directed by Arūnas Žebriūnas, produced by Lietuvos Kinostudija, 1964) tells about the friendship of a girl and a boy, which has been spoiled by a gang of teenage hoodlums, who morally humiliated the girl. Unfortunately, the boy acted like a coward. Soviet-Polish-Bulgarian adventure flick «Похищение «Савойи» (The Hijacking of «Savoy», directed by Venyamin Dorman, produced by Boyana Film, Maksim Gorki Studios and Zespol Filmowy, 1979) features a scene, where a boy protagonist has furtively admired a bathing teenage girl. Gangster epic Once Upon a Time in America (directed by Sergio Leone, produced by The Ladd Company, Embassy International and PSO Enterprises, 1984) has a famous scene, where a boy protagonist has peeped at a dancing teenage girl.

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