Nobel Prize for Nurpeyisov!

Great Kazakh author Abdi-Jamil Nurpeyisov should get the Nobel Prize for literature. His epic novel “Blood and Sweat” deals primarily with tumultuous events in the Kazakh society during WWI and the Russian Revolution. Its plotline takes place in the Aral Sea’s region, when she was a grand lake indeed. The novel contains dynamic events and deep thoughts on complex problems of human existence. International community of intellectuals should support his nomination.

Great Kazakh author Abdi-Jamil Nurpeyisov.

Soviet genius Mikhail Sholokhov was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his epic novel “And Quiet Flows the Don”. Outstanding US writer John Steinbeck was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his epic novel “The Grapes of Wrath”, depicting hardships experienced by a rural family during the Depression. Brilliant French novelist Romain Rolland was awarded with the Nobel Prize for his epic “Jean-Christophe”, portraying a great composer. The masterpiece of Mr. Nurpeyisov also deserves this highest of the awards. His novel distinguishes itself with rich language and strong protagonists, moral values and love for humankind.

He is a ninety years old artist — a veteran of WWII. Time is pressing. Mr. Nurpeyisov has been short-listed by the Nobel Prize committee. However, without the international support he is hardly going to receive the long-awaited prize. Excellent Georgian writer Nodar Dumbadze missed his chance to get the Nobel Prize. Marvelous Kyrgyz author Chinghiz Aitmatov also did not receive it. It would be a pity, if Mr. Nurpeyisov does not get it too. The dialogue of civilizations to be further advanced with the due recognition of the Kazakh literary man.

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