Not an Example to Follow

In the early hours of June 1, 2017, I shot two videos at the Aktau International Airport, Kazakhstan. Its security officers brought an unleashed service dog without the muzzle right in the middle of peaceful passengers!

This reminds me of cruel guards in the Nazi concentration camps, who frightened their prisoners with unleashed dogs without the muzzle.

The second video tells about a loud quarrel among flight personnel (male and female voices were audible), which was perfectly heard by embarassed passengers. The young man with a dignified gait at the end of this video is, possibly, one of the parties in this quarrel. Do you remember a German suicide pilot, who killed some 150 passengers in 2015? Well, Kazakh air psychopaths at the Aktau International Airport have certain potential to surprise us in a negative way, too.

Also, this region of Kazakhstan is a troublesome one. Across the Caspian Sea, it borders upon the unstable Caucasus and Iran. The neighboring Kazakh region of Aktobe witnessed a terrorist attack last year with numerous casualties. Therefore, unruly security officers and psychopath flight personnel might be reliable accomplices for terrorist organizations. Do you remember an airplane bombing in Egypt, 2015? There are strong indications that local airport personnel was involved in this heinous crime. Who can guarantee that the Kazakh airport is free of such conspirators?! Additional background checks is a must.

An English-language banner with a typo at the Aktau International Airport.

And last but not least. In their effort to indulge senior partners from abroad, the Kazakh authorities actively use the English language. Well, they had better improve their mother tongue first. No wonder that such hasty attempts have resulted sometimes in laughable mistakes. This banner at the Aktau International Airport greets you rather crookedly: Welcom to the City of «EXPO-2017»!

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