Well done, Brexit!

The UK‘s EU referendum has proved to be another truly democratic event. The British people voted in favor of her independent foreign policy. Although this was a split decision, with such vitally important regions as London and Scotland supporting the European integration, the freedom-loving nation has once again stood strong for her sovereign position in the international arena.  Big unions, like the EU or China, are alien to a common man. They have to go. They have to be dismantled. I hope that this is a beginning of the European disintegration. 

Daniyar Nauryz with a street musician in London, 2003
Daniyar Nauryz in London, 2003

But, we should keep in mind that there are other imperialistic entities, which presently do not show any signs of a collapse. Mammoth countries, such as USA and Russia, still poison our existence with their imperialistic actions. Moreover, the aggressive Russia is energetically consolidating its new gang of satellites, called the Eurasian Economical Union. Whereas, the EU has maintained certain democratic rules, the down-to-earth Russians promote their criminal agenda without referendums and open discussions.

True, nowadays Britain is most likely to face some downturn in her development. But, temporary difficulties must not discourage the brave islanders. Yes, there are  obvious problems with stock exchange. Right, her currency will experience a mild form of medium-term inflation. However, these issues are most likely to be eclipsed by long-term advantages of the independent foreign policy. The British government will decide sovereignly, what kind of refugees it would accommodate, for instance. But, even prior to the referendum, the British stance had been quite robust — with her own visa policy and the separate currency. Today, they simply invigorated it further.

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