Russian Typos in Hollywood Movies

Filmmakers often grudgingly spend on language experts. As a result, some movies have remarkable typos on signs in foreign tongues. For example, an epic masterpiece Doctor Zhivago (directed by David Lean, produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, 1965), based on a mediocre novel by Boris Pasternak, has several typos and inaccuracies. By the way, even a Russian physicist of the Jewish origin, Nobel Prize winner Vitaly Ginzburg (1916-2009) admitted that he dislikes the novel of the Russian Jewish author, while admiring Yuri Zhivago’s poems by Mr. Pasternak. Proof: a Russian TV-program, aired on April 12, 2004.

Fictionalized street Socialist protesters in the Russian Revolution.

Liberty and Brotherhood in Russian was misspelled: they must have written Братство instead of Братсво

A fake WWI Banner in Russia.

WWI Banner in Russian Homeland Needs You was a fake, fabricated by the filmmakers.

A Dmitry Moor’s legendary banner "Have You Volunteered?"

It had been inspired by a Dmitry Moor’s legendary banner Have You Volunteered? The banner was created in 1920.

A movie's character stands by the poster of a Russian governmental decree in the evening.

Announcement Government Decree in Russian was misspelled: they must have written Совнаркома instead of Соваркома.

Criminal drama Citizen X (directed by Chris Gerolmo, produced by HBO Studios, 1995), based on Robert Cullen’s non-fiction book The Killer Department (1993), about a Soviet serial killer also contains inaccuracies.

Spouses watch TV-news at home.

A woman watch TV-news at her kitchen.

Logo of a Soviet TV channel was erroneously replaced by a Russian TV logo.

Soviet TV's logo.

The appropriate logo looks like this one.

A tape recorder with Russian-language inscriptions.

Bizarre Russian inscription Our Reporters Have Been Abandoned on a tape recorder.

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