Head into a Toilet

Some movies contain scenes, where characters confront each other in a quite rude way. Namely, the stronger one forces the weaker one to dive into… a toilet. Well, that is an act of utmost humiliation. This rather vulgar activity may look questionable. However, its dramatic effect definitely impresses general audience. Let us review several examples of the toilet scenes.

Thriller film Domino Principle (directed by Stanley Kramer, produced by AVCO, 1977) shows a brawl among prison inmates, culminating in the infamous humiliation act. Survival-thriller film Runaway Train (directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, produced by Northbrook Films and Golan-Globus Productions, 1985) contains a scene, where a tough policeman forces a civilian into submission by this unorthodox method. Martial arts photoplay Kill Bill: Volume 2 (directed by Quentin Tarantino, produced by A Band Apart, 2004) dramatically demonstrates how a pretty fighter forces another beauty into a toilet.

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