The Ambivalence of Double Standards

As you know, the European Union is facing a refugee crisis. Hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from the Middle East up and ready to invade relatively prosperous Western countries. Central European members of the Union, like Poland and Hungary, are definitely disgruntled with such gloomy prospects. These members have struggled with domestic unemployment for years. Now, they would have to accommodate the hordes of refugees from distant lands. To some extent, I share the indignation of certain members of the EU. Key players in the Syrian civil war — USA and Russia — hardly expect the flood of asylum seekers from the war-torn region. Americans and Russians have had an established tradition to employ someone else to pull the chestnuts out of the fire. Nevertheless, there is a certain degree of justice, rendered to arrogant regimes of the EU.

Middle Eastern refugees with their children in Hungary.

For decades, European diplomats, customs officers, and policemen have literally terrorized ordinary visitors from the former Soviet Union. Peaceful housewives and diligent students alike have been bothered with irrelevant questions: “do you have a return ticket? How much money deposited on your account?” Now, these EU paranoiacs have to accommodate hot-blooded Arabs and Kurds without a stupid questionnaire. What a dramatic irony! Generous tourists from the former USSR have been annoyed with the irrelevant questions. Now, predominantly destitute characters from the Middle East would require a hospitable reception. Under common circumstances, thrifty Europeans are not the kind of a hospitable host. However, the refugee crisis would teach them a lesson or two, how to arrange a cordial reception.

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