The Russian Dictator’s “Israeli” Connections

Some right-wing politicians in the West respect president Vladimir Putin for his seemingly pro-White, conservative stance. In this regard, they are even willing to condone Russian aggression against Ukraine with its population of pre-dominantly White Orthodox Christians. On the other hand, Mr. Putin’s “Israeli” ties have been overlooked by his Western supporters.

Putin visits Western Wall, accompanied by his bodyguard Viktor Zolotov.

The Russian dictator visited “Israel” on June 25, 2012. A man clad in the black jacket to the left of Mr. Putin is Viktor Zolotov — the present commander of the Russia’s National Guard. Mr. Zolotov was a bodyguard not only of the incumbent president, but he also protected president Boris Yeltsin in 1991. Shortly thereafter, the experienced bodyguard was assigned to the Jewish (a.k.a. Khazar) Mayor of St. Petersburg — a renowned jurist Anatoly Sobchak, under whom Mr. Putin was the First Deputy Mayor. According to the late Russian journalist Dmitry Zapolsky,  Mr. Sobchak cooperated with “Israeli” foreign intelligence service. Mr. Zapolsky was a media personality of St. Petersburg in the 1990s, who was personally acquianted with all decision-makers there.

Viktor Zolotov, left, with Ksenia Sobchak and Anatoly Sobchak.

Naturally, Mr. Zolotov was also a bodyguard of the Khazar Mayor’s daughter — Ksenia Sobchak. Nowadays, Ms. Sobchak is a Russian celebrity with “Israeli” citizenship. There have been persistent rumours that she is a goddaughter of Mr. Putin. Anyway, the Russian celebrity has enjoyed special status not only in her homeland. Although, Ms. Sobchak must have been blacklisted by Ukrainian authorities for her unauthorized trip to the occupied Crimea in April 2014, she managed to visit Kyiv in January 2019, sparking outrage among Ukrainian patriots.

Recently, on April 22, 2024 the Russian celebrity was accredited as a journalist at the high-profile trial in Kazakhstan, where a Kazakh millionaire was accused of murdering his mistress. It must be mentioned that before the appearence of Ms. Sobchak Kazakh journalists had been denied accreditation. Also, during the court’s session she was provided with a seat among the victim’s relatives, while Kazakh journalists had to stand throughout the session. Thus, pro-Russian authorities of Kazakhstan paid due respect to Mr. Putin’s “Israeli” goddaughter. Incidentally, despite the fact that the vast majority of the trial’s participants were Kazakh-language speakers, all court’s sessions were carried out in Russian in order to report directly to their Moscow superiors without being lost in translation.

Bill Gates and Anatoly Chubais in Moscow, October 11, 1997.

Another Zionist supporter of the Russian dictator is an ominous politician Anatoly Chubais, who also served under the Khazar Mayor. Mr. Chubais is a vocal proponent of the New World Order along with such titans of globalization as a wicked multi-billionaire Bill Gates. In 1996, when Mr. Sobchak lost the mayoral elections in St. Petersburg, Mr. Chubais provided then-unemployed Mr. Putin with a nice governmental position in Moscow. Nowadays, the retired Zionist redhead quietly enjoys his “Israeli” citizenship.  This global cabal of profiteering warmongers have had multiple masks: Joe Biden and Donald Trump of USA, Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine and Mr. Putin, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan and Viktor Orban of Hungary. But, their combined efforts have been dedicated mainly to the prosperity of the Zionist Entity.

There is a religious peculiarity of the ongoing war in Ukraine, which could prove my allegations. As of February 2023, some 307 religious sites in Ukraine were severely damaged as a result of the Russian aggression. 297 of them are Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic ones, 5 are Judaist ones, and the remaining 5 belong to Muslims. Roughly speaking, these figures technically reflect the ethnic and religious composition of Ukraine’s population. But, here is a catch.

Historically and culturally important landmark Orthodox churches in Kharkiv and Odesa have been deliberately targeted by Russian invaders. At the same time, the Russians have handled landmark synagogues across Ukraine with utmost care, leaving them intact. If certain Judaist praying rooms and small-time temples have been ruined somehow, then it should be attributed to inevitable collateral damage of the full-scale war. The same applies to Catholic and Protestant churches, which have largely remained intact due to Mr. Putin’s homage to EU and NATO: the Russians have primarily attacked Orthodox Christian countries like Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. As for Ukrainian Muslims, their major mosques located in the Russia-occupied Crimea. Oddly enough, the Muslim community of Ukraine might suffer from Ukrainian bombardments of the annexed peninsula.

Recollecting Mr. Putin’s visit to “Israel” in 2012, we post a video of his friendly chat with Judaist Khazars, where a Khazar man tells the Russian dictator that he studied at a Soviet school. Smiling Mr. Putin replies: “Me too!” Then, the Khazar man argues that if all the world recognizes its master — the supreme mythological creature — then there would be global happiness and prosperity. In his turn, the Russian dictator said to him: “May the supreme mythological creature heed your prayers! Good luck“. As you can see, Mr. Putin has been united with Khazars in many ways. Even if he persecuted politically ambitious Khazar billionaires such as Boris Berezovsky and Vladimir Gusinsky, more compliant Khazar billionaires such as Roman Abramovich and Arkady Rotenberg have replaced the persecuted ones to become Mr. Putin’s cashiers. The aforementioned “Israelites” — Mr. Chubais and Ms. Sobchak — position themselves as the Russian dictator’s opponents, but they simply pay lip service to liberal agenda, being actually adamant supporters of Kremlin-backed Russian big business as a part of the global capitalist system.

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