Donald Trump and Azeri Jews

A renowned entrepreneur and politician plans to run for the US presidency for the third time in a row. It could be instructive for American voters to learn once again about his questionable connections with dubious characters from the former Soviet Union. He has traditionally befriended the Jewish (aka Khazar) community of Azerbaijan. This Turkic-language ethnic minority, which adopted Judaism in the Middle Ages, has been notorious for its iron grip upon Russia’s retail trade.

On October 26, 2006, Donald Trump congratulated an Azeri Khazar — a billionaire Telman Issmailov — with his 50th anniversary, lavishly celebrated in Moscow. Mr. Trump’s telegram was read aloud by a prominent Russian TV-host Valdis Pelšs in the presence of powerful and famous guests, including a US pop singer Jennifer Lopez. The American businessman and his daughter Ivanka expressed their gratitude for Mr. Issmailov’s hospitality, saying that a man achieves his lifetime success after he turns fifty. Incidentally, this tell-tale excerpt was posted two weeks ago on someone’s Instagram account, but here I upload it in the significantly better DVD5-quality.

A businessman Donald Trump, left, with his Azeri Russian counterpart Telman Issmailov.

However, the resignation of Moscow’s mayor Yuri Luzhkov — a formidable crony of Mr. Issmailov — in 2010 subsequently led to the Azeri Khazar’s grave misfortunes in Russia: he was legally declared a bankrupt in 2015 and accused with organizing an alleged contract killing of two persons in 2017. There also have been rumours that Mr. Issmailov was a lover of Lyudmila Putina — the ex-wife of the Russian dictator. True or not, but along with Mr. Issmailov’s decline in Russia, Mrs. Putina was divorced in 2013. By the way, a Kazakhstan-born Uyghur pop singer Murat Nassyrov (1969-2007) was an alleged lover of Alina Kabayeva — an ostensible lover of the Russian dictator. Unfortunately, the pop singer died tragically, reportedly falling out from a window. In this video, aired by a Russian nationwide TV-channel in 2002, Mr. Nassyrov sings a song Alina while Ms. Kabayeva happily dances with him.

An Azeri businessman Aras Agalarov, left, with Donald Trump.

Fortunately, Mr. Trump’s stockpile of Azeri friends with a Khazar background has not depleted. A flamboyant Azeri billionaire Aras Agalarov, whose wife is an Azeri Khazar Irina Agalarova, has shared the American entrepreneur’s passion for showmanship. Reportedly, they jointly organized the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. Later, the Agalarov family allegedly interfered with the US presidential elections in 2016, supplying Mr. Trump with compromising materials on his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton. By the way, both Mrs. Agalarova (a Republican voter) and their daughter Sheila (a Democratic voter) also hold the US citizenship. The ambivalent political stance of the Agalarov family has been stressed once more by their friendship with a Hollywood star Robert de Niro — an ardent supporter of the Democratic Party.  The recent Crocus City Hall attack, considered by some experts as a false-flag operation of the Russian secret police, has directly affected its owners — the Agalarov family. Their silence on the subject, willingly or unwillingly, makes them an accomplice in this grave crime. Of course, as the owners of the venue for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant they know a lot about the real moving forces behind the terrorist act.

An article about a pro-Russian Kazakh billionaire Bulat Utemuratov.

Questionable lifestyle of Mr. Trump might turn him into a victim of blackmailers. This article argues that during his aforementioned business trip to Moscow in 2013 Mr. Trump supposedly spent time with two female prostitutes at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, which has been owned by a pro-Russian Kazakh billionaire Bulat Utemuratov. This infamous rendezvous was allegedly recorded by hidden cameras. Incidentally, Mr. Utemuratov himself has had an ignominous reputation of a high-end pimp, who procured call girls for Nursultan Nazarbayev — the former president of Kazakhstan. This disgusting fact, concerning the Kazakh billionaire, was revealed by the late Kazakh ambassador to Austria Dr. Rakhat Aliyev through a number of intercepted phone conversations between Mr. Nazarbayev, Mr. Utemuratov, and other influential persons, made public for the most part in 2007. You can download these  compromising audiovisual and text materials predominantly in Russian language through this link. It is reasonable to assume that Mr. Utemuratov might keep compromising materials on Mr. Trump, given the Kazakh billionaire’s close affiliations with espionage community of Kazakhstan and Russia: he was a special envoy of the Kazakh Foreign Ministry (1995-1996), the Kazakh ambassador to Switzerland (1996-1999), and the secretary of Kazakhstan’s Security Council (2003-2006).

As you can see, Mr. Trump feels himself quite all right among Azeri, Khazar, Kazakh, and other profiteers. His tolerant attitude towards a war criminal Vladimir Putin has also been an open secret. Mr. Trump’s opinions on foreign policy are rather contradictory. He is a staunch ally of the mainly Khazar-populated «Israel«, whose aggressive army with nukes is the main destabilising force in the Middle East. On the other hand, the American businessman harshly criticizes US military aid to Ukraine, whose defensive war against the Russian imperialism is of paramount importance for the peace and security of Europe. In the 1990s, the USA pressured Ukraine to hand over its nukes to Moscow, paving the way for the present Russian aggression against Ukraine. Nowadays, Mr. Trump is resolute to deal an ultimate blow to the very existence of the Ukrainian state, being a loyal friend of his bloodthirsty Russian counterparts.

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