Unasked-for Assistance

Any of us need help sometimes. But, under certain circumstances we prefer this assistance to be approved by ourselves. Unasked-for help might be counterproductive. Good intentions of third parties don’t necessarily imply usefulness. So, watch your step and you wouldn’t be a nuisance like simple-minded characters from movies, which are reviewed below.

Immortal classics, silent film The Three Musketeers (directed by Fred Niblo, produced by United Artists, 1921), contains a scene where d’Artagnan with the best intentions possible has picked up a handkerchief, dropped by a lady. But, the return of the discreditable handkerchief to the lady makes her cavalier dissatisfied and he challenges d’Artagnan to a duel. Soviet satire comedy Adventures of a DentistПохождения зубного врача», directed by Elem Klimov, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1965) shows the dentist, who has disrupted operation of stevedores in an attempt to assist them. Soviet comedy film Dangerous for Your Life!Опасно для жизни», directed by Leonid Gaidai, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1985) features an ordinary white-collar worker, who has always been eager to render a helping hand. This time, he closes an open manhole, thus a repairer is made angry.

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