Under the Car

Protagonists, as well as antagonists, sometimes have to be quite resourceful in their cinematographic adventures. When they escape from somewhere or chase someone, the photo-play heroes must be rather inventive in the use of transportation. Let’s take a look at several examples of film stars’ strange methods of locomotion.

French action movie La Bataille de San Sebastian (Guns for San Sebastian, directed by Henri Verneuil, produced by Compagnie Internationale de Productions Cinématographiques, 1968) has had an atheist outlaw on the run, who hides under the cart of a Catholic priest. Psychological thriller Cape Fear (directed by Martin Scorsese, produced by Universal Pictures, 1991) has had a scene, where a maniac rapist pursues a family, tying himself to the chassis of their car. Action film Collateral Damage (directed by Andrew Davis, produced by Warner Bros. Pictures, 2002) has had an avenging fireman, who chases Colombian rebels, tying himself to the chassis of their truck.

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