Hungry and Thirsty Children

It is touching indeed, when you watch children playing roles in serious movies about war, hardships, and travels. However, if they are themselves in need, experiencing difficult moments of their life, you just about to cry yourself. What a heartbreaking scene! Poor children, asking for food, water, shelter… Not fake beggars, trained to cheat you out of money, but the real thing. Let us examine certain examples of photoplays, where sweet youngsters desperately request for nutrition and drinks.

Immortal classics The Grapes of Wrath (directed by John Ford, produced by 20th Century Fox, 1940) vividly shows, how kind-hearted protagonists have fed wretched kids of the Great Depression, suffering from hunger. Soviet adventure epic Przhevalsky Пржевальский», directed by Sergei Yutkevich, produced by Mosfilm Studios, 1951) depicts Chinese children, nourished by famous Russian traveler Nikolai Przhevalsky. Soviet war drama ThirstЖажда», directed by Evgeny Tashkov, produced by Odessa Film Studios, 1959) contains a scene, where a compassionate soldier of the Red Army has offered life-giving water to thirsty youngsters of a city besieged by Nazis.

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