Kill Bloodsuckers, Not the Innocent

Two NYPD policemen, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, were killed in an ambush on December 20, 2014. Our condolences go to their families. We regret the death of the two human beings. There are honest persons even among totalitarian law-enforcement officers. Who knows, maybe the perished cops were one of the few fair and square constables. One cannot arbitrarily accuse all members of the force. However, in many instances we cordially support killing of police officers, because they are watchdogs of ruling classes.  Globally, they serve and protect those, who are above the law: from the Syrian butcher Bashar Assad to the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to the US puppet of big business Barack Obama. Nevertheless, we kindly ask brave rebels to act discreetly. Thou shalt not kill cops indiscriminately! Exterminate bloodsuckers, not innocent ones. It is quite suspicious that the alleged attacker Ismaayil Brinsley has reportedly died of a self-inflicted wound. Too many freedom fighters die at the hands of cops without any chance of thorough investigation and fair trial. Then, they proclaim that possible opponents of regime die of dubious suicides, heart attacks, defensive actions of police, etc. The same situation is prevalent in the former Soviet Union too.

Vitaly Semerenko with a pretty woman.
Vitaly Semerenko found guilty by enraged cops.

A suspect, named Vitaly Semerenko, allegedly murdered three Ukrainian law-enforcement officers in Kyiv on December 18, 2014. The next day he was killed by avenging colleagues of the perished cops. Now, they claim that he was a drug dealer. Nice and easy! Dead men tell no tales. Another act of police brutality took place in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan, when 63-years-old Vladimir Ryabtsev supposedly gunned down a policeman Erzhan Akhmetov on June 11, 2013. Of course, they have argued that the murderer disobeyed police orders and harassed his neighbors. Once again, the victim cannot defend his rights properly, because he was killed by revenging police officers. Why to spend taxpayers’ funds on expensive investigation and trial? Constables would carry out justice quickly and inexpensively, without the interference of pricey lawyers. No wonder that some human rights’ activists disagree with such stance and fight totalitarian injustice with any available means of resistance. Sometimes, there is only violent solution to pending problems of utmost importance.

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